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Evegreen, Slovenia developed jointly with Spectalite a new series of agricultural and gardening products made out of Spectabio materials – natural fiber-reinforced bio-degradable compounds.

Evegreen-Spectalite agricultural and gardening products target all applications in the gardening and agricultural sector that shall bio-degrade in soil after the intended end-use. These are flower pots, plant pots, root trainers, polybags, protective foils and many more. We are able to support any of your product designs for different applications. We deliver material for your own manufacturing processes or manufacture the ready-made-products you need.

Spectalite┬┤s material properties of different grades vary over a wide range and support different kind of manufacturing processes like injection molding, thermoforming, hot press molding, etc. The material is a ready-to-use feedstock grade, available as compound or sheet (2 mm thickness). The material is reinforced with bamboo fiber or rice husk; fertilizers, etc. can be compounded into the material.